Most Recent Work

  • Media_500x350_06
    Dr. Rick Coker “A Smile Makes the World Better” Commercial
  • caldwellzoowildchild
    Caldwell Zoo “Wild Child” Commercial
  • caldwellzoosounds
    Caldwell Zoo “Sounds” Commercial
  • swanns furniture commercial
    Swann’s Furniture & Design Commercial
  • texasroseparade
    Texas Rose Parade Commercial
  • dsofearradio
    Dallas Symphony Orchestra – “Fear Radio”
  • thehamptonscommercial
    The Hamptons Commercial
  • SSA_Ads
    Southern Surgical Arts Ads
  • MassCare
    Mass Care Task Force
  • Inquiry by Design
    Inquiry by Design
  • Beethoven_DSO
    Beethoven Festival of Texas Ad
  • AACargo
    American Airlines Cargo Ad

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      For twenty years, Holt has emerged as a leading Texas creative firm balancing a client roster as far as the Big Apple all the way to the Texas coast.
    • Unforgiving


      For traditional or digital campaigns, we bring you over twenty years experience in the unforgiving discipline of transforming communication into bottom line results.
    • We make creative


      Television, radio, newspaper, outdoor and interactive – with an understanding of how all forms of media work together, we’re sure to get you noticed.


    We Are

    We believe our lives center around creativity which is reflected through the work we deliver to our clients. It’s also why some of them have kept us around for as long as we’ve been in business.

    Behind the Pine Curtain

    Holt Creative Group lives and thrives behind the great Pine Curtain of East Texas. With humble Dallas beginnings, Holt relocated the company to the brick streets of Tyler in 2012 and by 2015, had built an impressive presence within the region creating the only advertising firm in East Texas with real world brand development experience.

    Tuning Up Daily

    Music is one of the most important pieces that makes up our creative. Edwin is also a musician that’s performed for as many as 60,000 people on the other side of the planet. He believes that music, when handled correctly, can engage an individual more so than just a visual. And when combined, it gives birth to superior creative.

    Paw Prints in the Studio

    An important team member of Holt, Lily is a friendly, furry presence serving as the official office greeter and lunch crumb picker-upper. Having perfected the art of the nap, Lily brings new meaning to the phrase “sleeping on the job”. As a parting gift, feel free to take some golden fur home with you. At least on your pants.

    Bikes on the Bricks

    It’s not uncommon to see us riding around on bikes. We encourage the outdoors and exercise as staying healthy is part of maintaining a good creative and happy mind. And if you get a chance to visit Tyler, bring your own bike and ride down our Azalea trails. It’s an outstanding celebration of spring.

    Land of Greasy Spoons

    How else can you offset exercise without a classic American cheeseburger? Tyler is home to some of the greatest barbecue joints and down home diners in the state with a recent number one rating for the best burger in Texas by Texas Highways Magazine. Let’s face it brothers and sisters … we work in paradise.


    We make the big ideas come to life.

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    • MEDIA

    Whether you want better business or simply better business cards, Holt Creative Group is the choice. For a multimedia or traditional ad campaign, an annual report, a radio spot or a brochure, we bring you over twenty years experience in the unforgiving discipline of transforming communication into bottom line results.

    Holt Media Group is a full service media department capable of managing any media-planning project, no matter the size. We’ll evaluate your needs and create a personalized plan just for you. Television, radio, newspaper, outdoor and interactive – we’ll make sure that you get noticed.

    Holt Digital Group is a team of strategic thinkers, user experience managers, creative designers, software architects, web developers, and digital marketing professionals. Driven to create excellent web properties and marketing systems, our goal is to help businesses achieve top tier digital status.

    Holt Direct Marketing Group can provide you with state-of-the-art data processing that specializes and facilities all types of direct marketing needs. From production to mailing, we help our customers achieve the most cost effective print runs, lowest postage rates, and the most direct deliveries to a well targeted market.

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    Those numbers increase every day for a reason. And if you want to see them keep rolling, simply schedule a meeting with us today and we’ll get started on your next project.  And our next cup of coffee.

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    When you’ve been around as long as we have, there’s quite a portfolio of work. Twenty years in the business garnishes a lot of dances to a lot of different songs and we have the client dance cards to prove it.

    Client Experience

    With four divisions that specialize in different marketing platforms, each one works together to execute one creative goal. Yours.

    , Edwin Holt | Owner